Our Work

Who We Are

The CUNY Tutor Corps in STEM brings students from CUNY colleges into middle and high school classrooms, helping them become highly effective tutors and teaching assistants in STEM classrooms of 180 schools by 2020. The Tutor Corps is a partnership between CUNY’s Office of K-16 Initiatives, the Office of the Mayor, NYC DOE, and others.

Program Model

CUNY Students are hired to spend approximately 12 hours per week working with STEM teachers in middle and high school classrooms throughout the city.

Our Tutors offer:


Classroom Support


One-on-One Tutoring


Small-Group Instruction

Program Benefits

Middle & High School Students

  • Increased academic success in algebra, pre-algebra, and computer science courses
  • Increased one-on-one instruction in STEM fields
  • Increased preparation for STEM studies in college
  • Increased understanding of the transition from the NYC DOE to CUNY
  • Bonds formed through near-peer mentoring relationships


  • Reinforces algebra fundamentals through online content support
  • Provides professional development through workshops on assessing career prospects and improving resumes
  • Promotes cultural sensitivity through monthly anti-racist dialogues
  • Promotes the exploration of public school teaching as a career path
  • Improves overall confidence, academic performance, and career readiness


  • Opportunity to offer more individualized attention during class
  • Opportunity to assign extra tutoring sessions outside of class for struggling students
  • Additional support for students with long-term absences, English Language Learners, students with interrupted formal education, or students with IEPs/special needs
  • Assistance with advanced computer science content
  • Insight into academic expectations for students at CUNY colleges

Tutor Spotlight

CUNY students join Tutor Corps to make a difference in a young person’s life. We are proud of each impact that our tutors have made and we wanted to highlight their accomplishments. Check out our Tutor Spotlight to read about tutor’s experiences and their impact in the classroom!