About Us

Who We Are

The CUNY Tutor Corps in Math and Computer Science brings students from CUNY colleges into middle and high school classrooms, helping them become highly effective tutors and teaching assistants in the mathematics and computer science classrooms of 180 schools by 2020.  The Tutor Corps is a partnership between CUNY, the Office of the Mayor, New York City Department of Education (DOE), and others.

Our Staff

Gretel Johnson


Gretel Johnson joined CUNY in 2016 to serve as the founding Director of CUNY Tutor Corps.  Gretel has spent the past seventeen years working in and with the NYC Department of education. She began her career in Brooklyn, teaching high school mathematics.  From there, she went to work for Math for America, helping to support […]

John Berman

Associate Director

John Berman joined the staff of CUNY Tutor Corps in 2019 as Associate Director. A lifelong New Yorker, John is a veteran of both CUNY and the NYC public school system (K-12). Prior to coming to CUNY Tutor Corps, John served as Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs at Bronx Community College, Program Manager for Student […]

Malcolm Skinner

Program Manager

Malcolm Skinner serves as Program Manager for CUNY Tutor Corps.  His role revolves around logistics and the management and maintenance of relationships with the various College Now offices we work with across many CUNY campuses.  He also supervises the payroll process for all our tutors.  Malcolm graduated from Long Island University Brooklyn with a Master’s […]

Cassandra Vaughan

Instructional Services Manager/Classroom Specialist

Cassandra Vaughan is an Instructional Services Manager/Classroom Specialist for CUNY Tutor Corps and has served in this capacity since May 2017. Cassandra obtained her B.A. in psychology from Yale University and her M.S. in education from The City College of CUNY. Cassandra is a certified Middle School Math Teacher (Grades 5 – 9) with 12 […]

Habiba Khokar

Instructional Services Manager

Habiba Khokhar is an Instructional Services Manager at Tutor Corps. She works closely to support classrooms and tutors in neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. She has fourteen years of teaching experience ranging from early childhood through post-secondary education. Teaching English language learners, refugees and immigrant populations has given her insight into developing curricula […]

Jill Yener

Instructional Services Manager

Jill Yener is currently serving as Instructional Services Manager on the CUNY Tutor Corps team. She comes to CUNY with 15 years of teaching experience in public schools. She has taught and tutored mathematics in middle school, high school and community college. Prior to teaching she worked as a business manager, financial/operational auditor and academic […]

Narendra Ramcharan

Instructional Services Manager

Narendra is currently an Instructional Services Manager with CUNY Tutor Corps. He is an experienced educator with 14 years of experience at both the high school and college levels. Narendra began his professional career as a mathematics teacher. Thereafter, he joined Pace University to coordinate mathematics support across the university and ultimately became the Associate […]

Shpresa Ahmeti

Instructional Services Manager

Shepresa Ahmeti is an instructional services manager responsible for training and supporting classroom tutors, as well as serving as a liaison between our program and a number of public schools in the South Bronx and Harlem. She has over 13 years of classroom teaching experience, mostly working in underserved urban schools at the middle and […]

Anthony Parrella

Tutor Corps Administrative Coordinator

Anthony Parrella is Tutor Corps Administrative Coordinator. Prior to working with Tutor Corps he served Administrative Coordinator for the ASAP Program at Bronx Community College. He received his Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Buffalo where he majored in Business Administration and worked for the Office of Student Life for three years. Anthony enjoys reading and playing […]

Nicole Wells

Student Recruitment Coordinator

Nicole Wells joined CUNY Tutor Corps in 2018 as the Student Recruitment Coordinator. She has years of experience in higher education and nonprofits, where she has worked in recruitment, program management, and teaching English to non-native speakers. Her role with Tutor Corps allows her to build strong relationships with students, faculty, and leadership across all […]

Tajana London

Campus Liaison

Tajana London serves as a Campus Liaison for CUNY Tutor Corps. Tajana connects CUNY Tutor Corps tutors to resources on their campus, hosts events on CUNY campuses, and supports outreach strategies. Currently, Tajana is a candidate for the Master program in Public Administration program at New York University. Her interest in providing social mobility in […]

Our Tutors

Working with young students is challenging. We have to think on our feet often and find ways to connect with our tutees. Tutoring helps develop patience, self-awareness, and language skills, and being part of the CUNY Tutor Corps is an amazing learning opportunity. For me it was a life-changing experience.

Laura, Spring 2017

It can be very difficult to motivate students to put in the effort and try to learn. What’s worse is that now students, even during the school day, are much more interested in their phones than on learning. Even if it’s only for twelve hours a week, it’s a good feeling to know that I am actively contributing to a community bigger than myself, by passing on what I know and even just by being present in the classroom.

Roydon, Fall 2017

The CUNY Tutor Corps experience played a huge role in my preparation. I really didn't realize just how much until I taught my mini-lesson and all the strategies I'd learned from the CTC trainings and working at KAPPA with the host teachers just flowed out so naturally.  I definitely had an advantage that other applicants did not.

Jane Doe, Spring 2017

Thank you for the opportunity and the experience!  If you ever need Tutor Corps alumni to help rally the next cohort, please consider me. I'd gladly share what the experience can do for anyone aspiring or considering a career in teaching.