Academy Mentors

STEM RA needs more mentors! Our ongoing goal is to continue to meet the mentorship needs of the current student researchers and expand the number of students we impact! That means we are always looking for more content experts that are passionate about mentorship, sincerely enjoy working with students, and have the capacity to work with them during our summer research experience.

As a program, mentorship from both the perspective of our research faculty mentors and our students are thought about and cultivated very purposefully. Below you can find two articles that touch on some key aspects of mentorship from the two perspectives written by Clemente I. Diaz, Associate Director of College Now at Baruch College along with Dr. Saranna Belgrave, the STEM Research Academy program manager.

Early Research Experiences: Why students should seek out opportunities as early as high school
Early Research Experiences: Becoming a Research Mentor to High School Students