NYCSEF’s mission is to celebrate and highlight the innovation of NYC’s high school scholars conducting STEM research, inspire career & college aspirations and foster connections in STEM. NYCSEF is the first step for many students on the path to STEM careers. They explore their passions and establish connections that will help them become tomorrow’s leading visionaries.

NYCSEF is interested in engaging NYC’s STEM community as sponsors of the fair. Our work is only possible with the generous support of thoughtful individuals. Your sponsorship will allow us to continue to provide programming and increase our support to student research. Sponsorship provides much needed operational support for the fair’s major programs such as the:

Preliminary Round

Finals Round

Awards Ceremony

International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF)

As a sponsor your participation in NYCSEF is a perfect opportunity for private individuals, organizations, associations, academic institutions and corporations to support and encourage achievements by these young STEM researchers.

Benefits of a NYCSEF Sponsorship
  • Excellent PR opportunity, with over 900 registered participants as well as a social media presence that engages over 5,000 followers, NYCSEF provides a platform for our sponsors to highlight their commitment to growing the next generation of STEM enthusiasts and supporting STEM education.
  • Unique one on one interaction with the top young STEM researchers of NYC
  • A launch point for long standing relations with designated awardees who can become life-long members, employees and/or supporters of your organization.

The categories below outline the levels of recognition, with benefits based on contribution:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Phosphorus Supporting Sponsor

Phosphorus Supporting Sponsor – Under $5,000

Just as phosphorus is a vital part of living things, your support is vital to NYCSEF.

Benefits Include:

  • Logo on the NYCSEF website and in all fair promotional materials
  • Invitation to judge at the Preliminary and Finals rounds

Carbon Fair Sponsor – $5000 – $10,000

Just as Carbon is a key part of all life, you are a key supporter of NYCSEF.

Benefits Include:

  • Phosphorous benefits
  • Name and support the top Special Award in the category of your choice

Nitrogen Category Sponsor – $10,000 – $25,000

Just as Nitrogen is a building block of life, your support is a building block for NYCSEF.

Benefits Include:

  • Phosphorous + Carbon benefits
  • Name and support a NYCSEF competition category
  • Banner at all NYCSEF events

Hydrogen Lead Sponsor – $25,000 – $50,000

Just as Hydrogen plays a critical role in the birth of stars, your support is critical for the development of STEM scholars.

Benefits Include:

  • Name and support a high-profile round of judging
  • Invitation to provide welcome remarks at fair events
  • Name and support 3 Top Special Awards in categories of your choice
  • Contact us for further details


We’re excited about partnerships that help us support our students, and welcome conversations about how an organization can best do so.

Become a NYCSEF Sponsor!