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Project Title:Nutrient Reduction and Recovery in an Algal based Wastewater Treatment employing immobilized Volvox (Globe Algae) and Chlorella Vulgaris
Student:Tseten Shakya, Shaheed Thomas, Joshua Yakubov
School:Forest Hills High School
Project Title:An Analysis of Microplastic Contaminants on Staten Island Shorelines
Student:Ellie Vaserman
School:Staten Island Technical High School
Project Title:Understanding the Effect of Cation Size on the Electrochemical Reduction of Acrylonitrile to Adiponitrile
Student:Sandhya Sethuraman, Julian Morales
School:Hunter College High School, Richard Green High School of Teaching
Project Title:Highly Mesoporous Carbon Aerogel as Catalyst Support in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Student:Eric Kim, Kevin Gu
School:Stuyvesant High School, Deerfield Academy
Project Title:Human electricity generator: Nanoparticles to power medical devices from body heat
Student:Jonathan Collard de Beaufort
School:Brooklyn Technical High School
Project Title:Quantifying Gerrymandering in Michigan
Student:William Hill, Amelia Ocampo
School:Brooklyn Technical High School
Project Title:Solving the Limitations of GWAS-based Genetic Screening for Pancreatic Cancer
Student:Krupa Sekhar
School:Hunter College High School
Project Title:Generation of high-quality pathological image data sets suitable for machine learning applications, using computationally inexpensive, open source computer-based methods of histological stain normalization
Student:Benjamin Chan
School:Bronx High School of Science
Project Title:Discovery of eight pathogenic genetic mutations correlated with poor prognosis in African American and Hispanic patients
Student:Sam Singer
School:Horace Mann School Upper Division
Project Title:The Effect of Presenilin inhibition on Lipids and C99 Presence in Alzheimer's Disease
Student:Andrew Sosunov
School:Bronx High School of Science
Project Title:A virtual self-administration laboratory with expanded capabilities
Student:Seamus Mcnulty
School:Poly Prep Country Day School
Project Title:Identifying Bacterial Swarming Idiosyncrasies via Microgear Rotation in Confinement
Student:Neha Mani
School:Hunter College High School
Project Title:Effect of Lower S-adenosylmethionine Levels on Histone Methylation and var Gene Expression in Plasmodium falciparum
Student:Sophie Marcus-Wade
School:Packer Collegiate Institute
Project Title:Nitrates are Up to No Gouda! The Effect of Ascorbic Acid in Sodium Citrate Mixture on the Preservation of Cheese
Student:Tanjina Motaleb, Raisa Rahman, Rafay Khan
School:Francis Lewis High School
Project Title:The Development of a microCloud Chamber to Detect Ionizing Radiation and Demonstrate Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment
Student:Thomas Larsen
School:Brooklyn Technical High School
Project Title:Random Forest Classifier-Aided Candidate Selection of Photometrically Variable Milky Way Halo RR Lyrae in the NGVS Data Set
Student:Jeffrey Munsell
School:Bronx High School of Science
Project Title:A Further Application of Balmer Series Absorption Lines in Poststarburst (E+A) Galaxies
Student:Zhixing Chen
School:Staten Island Technical High School
Project Title:Computational Modeling of Bioactivity in Botanical Kombucha Analogues: How to Survive the Post-antibiotic Era Using Fick's Second Law of Diffusion
Student:Onyekachi Agwu
School:Bronx High School of Science
Project Title:The Effect of Additional Fungus Aspergillus on Soil Nutrient Transport
Student:Yuxuan Lin, Yexin Jiang, Xinyi Yuan
School:Brooklyn Technical High School
Project Title:Won't You Be My Neighbor?: Determining a Suitable Growing Medium for Plant Life on Mars Using Nitrogen Fixing Companion Farming
Student:Rohit Shinh
School:Francis Lewis High School

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