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 Animal Science – Cellular Molecular
Project Title: Mission Tipsy Planaria: The Effect of Dandelion Root on Behavior Recovery
Student:Srilakshmi Nair, Vishva Patel, Kanwalpreet Kaur
School:Francis Lewis High School
Project Title: Not So Elegant Now! The Effect of New York City Street Dust on Caenorhabditis elegans
Student:Miriam Yushavaiev, Areej Amir, Felicity Liu
School:Francis Lewis High School
Project Title: Home is where the support is: A Reason Why Monk Parakeets Prefer Manmade Structures
Student:Meghan Stern
School:Midwood High School @ Brooklyn College
Project Title: Using Aspergillus niger to Enhance Phytoremediation of Iron Ions From Fe(III) Aqueous Solution by Oryza sativa and Hordeum vulgare
Student:Andrii Shypachov
School:Edward R. Murrow High School
Time: 07:55
Project Title: Exploring the use of fluoro-analogs as adjuncts in antimicrobial therapy and investigating metabolic pathways related to fluoro-analog sensitivity
Student:Aaron Shtilerman
School:Bronx High School of Science
Time: 12:15
Project Title:Using Pavlovian Learning Mechanisms to Alleviate Relapse-Triggering Symptoms of Withdrawal in Nicotine Addicted Dugesia tigrina
Student:Noah McGuane
School:Edward R. Murrow High School
Time: 14:35
Project Title: Novel Harmonization Algorithm for Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Across Software and Sites to Enable Neurological Studies on Unprecedented Scale
Student:Lily O'Sullivan
School:Bronx High School of Science
Time: 18:03
Project Title: The 2D:4D Project
Student:Emma-Victoria Banos
School:Bronx High School of Science
Time: 21:03
Project Title: Influence of Instagram on Adolscents' Eating Behaviors
Student:Tara O'Reilly
School:Archbishop Molloy High School
Time: 24:04
Project Title: The Effect of Odor Stimulants on Learning Introductory Material for a New Language
Student:Jasleen Kaur, Mehrin Faija
School:Francis Lewis High School
Time: 26:01
Project Title: The Influence of Digital Literacy Education on the Understanding of Internet Tracking
Student:Jenna John, Taya Podvorchan
School:Staten Island Technical High School
Time: 28:53
Project Title: How positional uncertainty affects object recognition by human and ideal observers
Student:Sangita Chakraborty
School:Bronx High School of Science
Time: 31:13
Project Title: Analysis of Band-Gaps in Topological Insulator Materials through Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Student:Teodora Dragic
School:Brooklyn Technical High School
Time: 33:40
Project Title: The Salt-Water Energy Generator
Student:Dayana Blanco, Jie Jie Lin, Samir Rayman
School:Bronx Center for Science & Mathematics
Time: 36:39
Project Title: The Development of a Superhydrophobic Surface Using Electrolytic Deposition and the Precipitation of Polymer Chains
Student:Heeyun Kim, Katelyn Woo
School:Brooklyn Technical High School
Time: 39:17
Project Title: Development of a Peptoid-peptide Macrocycle Inhibitor of CDK2-cyclin A as a Cancer Therapeutic
Student:Ethan Weisberg
School:Packer Collegiate Institute
Time: 41:54
Project Title: Novel Small Peptides M3 and LP17 Successfully Inhibit eCIRP-induced Inflammation, Introducing Clinical Avenue for Sepsis Mediation
Student:Benjamin Nicastro
School:Bronx High School of Science
Time: 44:56
Project Title: A Platform for Connecting Researchers via the Genes and Diseases They Studied and Will Study
Student:Emma Yang
School:Brearley School
Time: 47:55
Project Title: Save Our Sons: Exploring RNAi- mediated Intragenomic Conflict in D. sim through Genetic Sex-Ratio Assays
Student:Jaeah Kim
School:Hunter College High School
Time: 55:12
Project Title: The Effect of 412 Retrotransposon Inhibition on Locomotor Function of Drosophila Melanogaster
Student:Marisha Toa
School:Bronx High School of Science
Time: 58:21
Project Title: Cytoprotective Effects of Potential Antidiabetic Drugs on Cytokine-Induced Pancreatic Beta Cell Injury; A Model of Inflammation in Type 1 Diabetes
Student:Xinyi Yang
School:High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering @ CCNY
Time: 01:01:21
Project Title: Characterization of Potential PkcA- Suppressors in Dictyostelium discoideum Quorum Sensing Pathway
Student:Paige Sherman
School:Hunter College High School
Time: 01:03:43

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