The CUNY Network for College Success aims to significantly increase college persistence and graduation rates in New York City by coordinating student supports, through harnessing the collective efforts of youth-serving organizations and CUNY college advisors, counselors and student success professionals.

Understanding the Problem

Community-based organizations (CBOs) offer critically important services to aspiring low-income college students, such as college readiness workshops, financial aid counseling, and assistance with transfers and re-enrollment. While these CBOs share the same goals as CUNY—helping their students persist and graduate from college—few have been able to create productive partnerships with CUNY colleges. In the past limited financial and human resources have been used inefficiently, services were duplicated, information was unevenly disseminated, and students suffer from lack of coordinated support. The Network for College Success recognizes that closing the opportunity gap and improving college completion rates in NYC requires a collaborative approach that integrates trusted community supports with academic guidance.

Our Impact

Since fall 2018, the Network for College Success has brought together over 300 professionals from 88 organizations and 18 CUNY campuses across New York City.

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