CUNY Explorers is inclusive of all students including D75 and D79.

District 75

Since 2016 CUNY Explorers is inclusive of all types of students. We will continue to offer visits for D75 schools.

District 79

For the 2018-2019 academic year three official D79 schools serving middle schoolers, Restart, Passages and Alternative learning centers, will now participate in the CUNY Explorers program. https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-life/special-situations/court-involved-youth

Passages Academy
ReStart Academy
Alternative Learning Centers

Parent Coordinator
Every year CUNY explorers host parent coordinators and families for a visit. This gives and opportunity for parents and coordinates to experience what the middle school students see on a campus visit. This is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions, learn about programs, supports and information for their children and themselves.

College awareness Day
On January 11, 2019, CUNY Explorers will participate in College Awareness Day. For the past three years CUNY Explorers hosted parents and students at one of the CUNY campuses for a day workshops, tours and fun.

CUNY Explorers Navigator’s
CUNY Explorers is happy to announce that it’s piloting the CUNY Explorers Navigator program in spring 2019 at New York City College of Technology and the College of Staten Island. The Explorers Navigator program is an opportunity to have the Visit Guides (college students) visit local middle schools to discuss college with the middle school students. This opportunity is being offered either as the Visit Guides participating in a special event (panel, college awareness day, college day event), at the middle school or as a classroom push- in to run a 45 minute workshop with the middle school students. We are excited to further expand our relationship with NYC middle schools.