In response to the coronavirus pandemic, CUNY Explorers pivoted its college visits from in-person to remote visit sessions. To complement and enrich the experience of our middle school Explorers, we have compiled a series of lesson plans for our school and CBO partners.

Gas Safety Workshop Opportunity

We have another exciting opportunity! Our partner, the CUNY/ConEd Gas Safety program, offers remote Natural Gas and Gas Safety Education Workshops for your students.

Trained instructors will teach students an interactive lesson on natural gas and gas safety. At the end of the workshop, students will know what steps to take when there is a gas leak. Equipped with their new knowledge of gas safety, they can share safety tips with their family and friends!

Workshops will be delivered through June 21, 2021. You can choose the dates and times that work with your school’s current schedule.

Set up your virtual workshop by following the link:
You can email the program coordinator, Leyla Hernandez, at for more information.

Lesson Plans

All lesson plans include a lesson plan outline, teacher and student version powerpoints, and worksheets that can be uploaded to your preferred tech platform. Once downloaded, all resources are customizable to fit your classroom needs.

College Majors and Careers Lesson

The purpose of this lesson is to expose students to different college majors and careers and to demonstrate the many options that exist beyond the common majors/careers that they might know about. This lesson will also help students think about what their own interests are and how they can explore those interests in college.

College Storytelling Lesson

The purpose of this lesson is to use storytelling skills and the real stories of college students to teach students about different aspects of college. This lesson will also help students think about their own personal stories with writing prompts to guide them.

High School Choice Lesson

The purpose of this lesson is to expose students to the high school options that the NYC school system offers, so that students can make informed decisions when they apply. This lesson will help students think about their educational needs and determine a ‘good fit’ high school based on those needs.


Downloadable powerpoints that include middle school resources and games for your remote classroom.


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For more resources, visit the NYC DOE’s College-U: College Access for All-Middle School Curriculum here.

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