High School Workshops

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High School Workshop Registration

Before Registration

For the Fall 2021, all high school workshops will be conducted remotely. Remote sessions are open to all NYC DOE 9th and 10th graders and to CBOs servicing DOE high school students. You will need to provide the following:

  • High School Name and DBN/CBO Name
  • Principal Email/Director Email
  • Number of Students by grade (9th and 10th graders only)
  • Registrant and Alternative Contact Information
  • Additional Information about needs and accommodations
  • Review the High School Best Practices document.

**Do not register 11th and 12th graders for the workshops.**


Registration Steps

Below is a step by step guide on how to register for a campus visit.

  1. Click on the photo of the campus or on “Schedule a High School Workshop” under the Campus Coordinator name. This will redirect to the campus registration calendar.
  2. Read the campus visit description on the left side of the calendar to learn about the remote session.
  3. Scroll through the calendar to find an available visit date. Available dates are in color and unavailable dates are in gray.
  4. Click on an available date and then on “Register Now”.
  5. Complete the registration form and submit.
  6. Reserve only the number of visits needed for your school’s 9th and 10th grade student enrollment.

*Registering for a visit is not a confirmation. The Campus Coordinator will confirm the visit in a follow-up email.

What to Expect

Students will learn practical skills to prepare for college, explore their interests, and set realistic goals. CUNY Explorers High School workshops prepare students for the college search and emphasize what they can do now as 9th and 10th graders to prepare for college.

Schools can register the same cohort of students in up to four workshops with any campus. The four workshops are the same regardless of the campus you select.

High School Workshop Descriptions

Workshop 1: Day in the Life of a College Student

In this workshop, students will learn about the typical day for a college student. Visit Guides will draw on their personal experiences to share about campus life, academics, extracurricular activities and work. They will also talk about financial aid and dispel many college myths that high school students typically have.

Please select the campus below to register for “A Day in the Life of a College Student” workshop.

Workshop 2: Skills for College Success

In this workshop, students will explore different learning styles to understand their own study habits, and learn about essential skills to prepare for and succeed in college. Visit Guides will also share their experiences on how to create a college schedule and develop action plans in order to build strong study skills and be better prepared for college.

Please select the campus below to register for “Skills for College Success” workshop.

Workshop 3: Telling your Story & Resume Building

In this workshop, students will learn about how to build a resume and the different components that they can start working on in high school. Visit Guides will share their journeys from high school to college, including how their passions and interests helped shape their college experiences. This workshop will also cover the basics of a cover letter.

Please select the campus below to register for “Telling Your Story & Resume Building” workshop.

Workshop 4: Exploring College Majors & Careers

In this workshop, students will learn about different college majors and career options. Visit Guides share their experiences choosing their majors and minors, the specifics of their fields of study, and their future career choices. Students will also hear about many majors and careers that they may not be familiar with.

Please select the campus below to register for “Exploring College Majors & Careers” workshop.

Resources for High School Students

CUNY Explorers College Prep Checklist: Download a free college preparation checklist to see what steps you can start taking now to prepare for college. This brochure is ideal for 9th and 10th graders.

Explorers 9th & 10th Grade FAQ: This FAQ answers all the questions related to the college admissions process.

College Now is a free dual enrollment program for NYC DOE high school students. You can start earning college credit in high school by enrolling in one of 18 CUNY campuses. You can check to see if your high school partners with a specific CUNY campus here.