Gas Safety Workshop Opportunity

We have an exciting opportunity for principals, teachers, and guidance counselors! Our partner the CUNY/ConEd Gas Safety Program is offering remote Natural Gas and Gas Safety Education Workshops for your students.

Trained instructors will teach a lesson on natural gas and gas safety! Lessons are interactive to engage with students. At the end of the workshop, your students will know what steps to take in case of a gas leak event and be able to share that with their family and friends.

Our gas safety lesson covers:

The different states of matter and the law of conservation of mass.

How fossil fuels are converted into different types of energy sources that can be used in our homes like electricity, heat, and gas for cooking.

Focusing on gas safety we touch on how gas was given an odor so we can smell it, what to do if you suspect there’s a gas leak and who to call.

Scenarios to get students thinking about what happens when a gas leak isn’t reported.

Set up your Gas Safety Workshop!

Students will leave the workshop with a deep understanding of the importance of taking action if they suspect a gas leak at home and other relatable scenarios.

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