Debating U.S. History’s Professional Learning Community (PLC) gives teachers the tools they need to make the most of the curriculum. It features:

A unique and powerful professional community focused on collegial and active learning, grounded in research-backed practices, that directly addresses classroom practice and is based on the actual materials teachers are using

Summer training and regular professional development sessions during the academic year where teachers hone strategies for general academic and history-specific literacy instruction

Focused work within these sessions to facilitate adapting the curriculum to specific classroom contexts and to foster relevance and student engagement

Individual classroom visits to participating teachers to support them in implementing the program and adapting it to their needs

The large repertoire of ideas presented in the DUSH curriculum and addressed in the professional learning sessions assists teachers in connecting theory to practice, integrating new ideas and methods in their instruction, and applying knowledge flexibly in practice (Davis et al. 2014). DUSH instructional specialists and the professional learning community the program builds provide teachers with a supportive context in which to implement and adapt the program to their classroom needs (Hunzicker 2011; Jensen et al. 2016).

Thank you for your interest in participating in CUNY’s Debating U.S. History Program! Please contact us for more information.