The Debating U.S. History Curriculum

The Debating U.S. History curriculum is a free and public resource. After registering for an account you will gain access to materials that:

  • Engage students through genuine and relevant historical inquiry;
  • Focus on historical thinking skills that will be assessed on the new New York State U.S. History and Government Regents Exam;
  • Support teaching the high school U.S. History survey course not as a story to be memorized, but as events to be interpreted using documentary evidence;
  • Complicate conventional stories to take a clear-eyed look at injustice, social conflict, and change, past and present;
  • Embed explicit reading and writing strategies with content learning to prepare students for the demands of college-level study in the social sciences;
  • Provide all the materials needed to teach the full-year course in customizable formats.

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