College Readiness
At CUNY college readiness is defined by demonstrating scores needed to start college without remediation, the same scores that the College Now program requires for participation in college credit courses.

Minimum eligibility for college credit and college prep courses
Juniors and Seniors

College credit courses with pre-requisites

  • ELA Regents 75+/ Math Algebra I or Geometry Regents 70+, Algebra II 65+
  • SAT English 480+ / SAT Math 530+
  • ACT English 20+ / ACT Math 21+
  • Some programs require a GPA of 85 or better (calculated after completion of 4 semesters of high school) instead of ELA Regents score

College credit courses without pre-requisites

  • ELA Regents 65+

Academic college preparatory courses (0-credit)

  • ELA Regents 65-74 / Math Algebra I Regents 65-69

All interested sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible for college and career awareness and access courses